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Editor’s letter

Onfilm Magazine was founded on 01/01/16 in unbearably cold Mother Russia.

Some call film photography archaic, since we live in the XXI century with all the gadgets and cameras, enabling us to set them right and capture the image across the lenses. As for me, film photography is an art, that may clearly be beyond one's strength, even if they can be called professionals in digital world. Film makes you feel acutely and appreciate every moment you would like to be captured on one out of limited number of exposures, bringing to life you innermost ideas. Personally I put my soul into each exposure in every film roll in my old Leica, so I encourage everyone to do the same. 

The right moment is something subjective to everyone, but here we encourage you to share it with us. Let us feel those moments with you. Let us create a masterpiece together. 

The magazine is based on the æsthetics of film photography with faint notes of provocation, promoting this art to the masses by dint of talented enthusiasts throughout the world. That is what me and our team are waiting from those newcomers, who would like to be called artists in terms of our philosophy. Remember, every roll counts.

Dimitri Salov, editor-in-chief

Our Team

Dimitri Salov
inst: @dimitrisalov

Managing Editor
Diana Lucius
inst: @dianalucius


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We accept Dropbox/Wetransfer only. Please attach .rtf/.txt file with credits to your editorial.

If you would like to contribute to our magazine, please notice that we accept only exclusive editorials (that means previously unpublished anywhere). This rule applies to digital and printed stories only (not to instagram).

We ask you to send us an edit of 7-20 photos in high resolution with all credits you want to be mentioned (models, stylists, hair/make up artists, et al.) as well as clothes, accessories, etc. Please mention the country & city the editorial was done in. We advise you to avoid Photoshop or any kind of retouching, since film photos have to be as they are.

We advise using Dropbox/WeTransfer, but please send the whole series at ones (separate Google Drive links as well as email inserts are not accepted). Please also mention the camera and film stock used. And last but not least, entitle your series. Please attach a .rtf/.txt file with credits to your editorial.

So how your credits should look like? 


Photographer: Name Surname (@instagram), website
Model: Name Surname (@instagram), website – Agency
Stylist: Name Surname (@instagram), website (optional)
HMUA: Name Surname (@instagram), website (optional)

Film stock

Location: City, Country

As guidelines you can use the editorials on the website. Our instagram might be helpful for the general inspiration. We advise you to avoid pointless nudity even if you think that a friend of yours looks great in the bathroom. Also if you found a girl next door happy to pose you in/without the underwear or anyhow, please check twice whether your concept is not hackneyed and the poses are fine..

Submitting your photographs make sure to write the subject of the letter properly (e.g. "online editorial: TITLE"). It's crucially important.